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Quiz 52 – Limericks  ANSWERS

Each of the following limericks contains a clue to a person, place, animal object etc.  In some cases, the clue needs deciphering, but there is enough information to arrive at a conclusion, although it may be hidden.

1. He once played a vet like no other,

who seemed undermined by his brother.

His next part, it’s true  

Was a good doctor, who

did not seem to  medically bother.   -  PETER DAVIDSON

2. In an effort to find out the news

a paper is something to use.

This particular one

cannot be the sun,

it’s more like a clock, read the clues.   -  THE TIMES

3. In a game of our youth, throw a dice

then avoid those who add at a price,

but steps you must take

for progress to make

and ensure that the game turns out nice.  -   SNAKES AND LADDERS

4. He stands at the pyramid top,

at scoring goals he doesn’t stop.

Not playing for fun

for a medal he won

by winning in front of the Kop.  -  MO SALAH

5. An old fort no one can find here

but it’s noted for very brown beer,

and Terry and Bob

(who had the same job),

and the end of a wall that’s quite near.   -  NEWCASTLE

6. John, was a preacher of force

who travelled the land on a horse;

this preacher quite prodigal

was even methodical,

and started this church in due course.  -  METHODIST

7. At the piano Russ Conway played this,

but it wasn’t a hit, so a miss.

In the plural they’re good

for eating your food

although the sauce is left in the dish.   – CHOPSTICKS

8. At the back where many are found,

you will find that they don’t make a sound;

but when they’re compact

you can hear a good track,

by making the thing spin around.   -  DISC

9. At writing this might take the lead

and drawing as well if you need.

No keyboard is used

and don’t be confused;

no liquid, no quill and no reed.   -  PENCIL

10. An ornament made far away

graced many a shelf on the day

that a couple got wed.

A candle and bed,

the one that was most on display  - FAIRING

11. This film could be all about bees,

wasps, nettles and things just like these;

but it’s mainly a plan

to get what you can

from another by giving a squeeze. -  THE STING

12. While a target will never be near,

the bowmen will really appear,

but in fields full of cows

and horses and sows;

sounds like they’re acting with flair.  -  THE ARCHERS

13. Here’s a book about boys on the streets

and the villainous people they meet.

A girl to befriend,

who meets a sad end

at the hands of a bully who beats.  – OLIVER TWIST

14. This comic, no longer around;

dare I say has a character, found

on the front page,

who in the space age,

was always planetary bound.  -  THE EAGLE

15. You could take me for a clot

containing a drink, cool or hot.

pouring it in

is never a sin,

and to drink from it definitely not – A MUG

16. I know there is one about fish,

containing I expect every dish;

but the very first one

is about the true son,

or at least one part of it is. – THE BIBLE

17. In London it means a hot dish,

but for others a stone that is rich

in colour and hue,

to give when ‘tis due

 at forty years after the hitch. – RUBY

18. In a rhyme it is burning quite bright,

but for most it’s a terrible fright

to meet this big cat,

in its own habitat,

for it can kill with just one big bite.  -  TIGER

19. If this store is sometimes mislaid,

then directions might need to be made

to find somewhere new

to buy, (here’s the clue)

although much more might be paid. – ALDI

20. A  tastier dish you’ll not find,

it really is one of a kind;

but to beggar belief,

there’s another with beef;  

but it’s on the lamb dish that I dined.  -  SHEPHERDS PIE