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Quiz 40 - It’s all in the name ANSWERS

Each answer; which is the name of a well known person, or character, begins with the letter of the clue. Example if the clue was ‘W.     Leader of a nation when so much was owed by so many to so few.’  The answer would be Winston Churchill.

A. A soldier who became the seventh President of the USA - ANDREW JACKSON

B. Currently in the position of the example, but possibly not quite so effective - BORIS JOHNSON

C. Harry Webb the singer - CLIFF RICHARD

D. Conservationist who equally famous brother was an actor - DAVID ATTENBOROUGH

E. A writer who died in 1932, but whose name was used in a series of 1960’s ‘B’ feature films - EDGAR WALLACE

F. He yodelled his way to fame - FRANK IFIELD

G. Always looked grumpy when trying to find what a persons line was - GILBERT HARDING

H. A sitcom character who resided in Oil Drum Lane, Shepherds Bush - HAROLD STEPTOE

I. Writer of the Bing Crosby hit ‘White Christmas’ - IRVING BERLIN

J. A folk singer who made his name on Bradens Week - JAKE THACKRAY

K. A member of the ‘Carry on’ team - KENNETH WILLIAMS

L. Actor who directed the much loved film ;The Railway Children’ - LIONEL JEFFRIES

M. A character than made Walts name famous -  MICKEY MOUSE

N. Presenter of ‘DIY SOS’ - NICK KNOWLES

O. Leader of the British Union of Fascists, who was gaoled in 1040 - OSWALD MOSELY

P. American actor who famously played the part of a raincoat wearing detective - PETER FALK

Q. Subject of the film ‘The naked Civil Servant’ - QUENTIN CRISP

R. A character who is the son of a cartoon policeman - RALPH WIGHAM

S. A well known fictional detective, famous for distinctive headwear - SHERLOCK HOLMES

T. Twenty-sixth president of the United States of America - THEODORE ROOSEVELT

U. An Italian writer, best known for his novel ‘The name of the rose’ - UMBERTO ECO

V. Composer of ‘The Lark Ascending’ - VAUGHAN WILLIAMS

W. Former England international who now manages Derby County - WAYNE ROONEY


In each question the answer is an anagram of the letters in UPPER-case type.

1. Nowadays an archer only fires arrows at this rather than a GREAT Tit  

2. OthellO MORE or less is also a Shakespearian character -

3. Hard wood trees and the evergreens that give us a SOFTER wood both grow in this -

4. The over generOUS DUKe gave prizes to those who could solve this puzzle –

5. As a drama masteR, TEACH HER Something about long running radio stuff. That’s an order –

6. The LASSES SUNG songs about summertime, but they wore these for protection. –

7. Because I am a student of choral works, and perhaps  AS A DRUMMER, I MIGHT SEND Music to Stratford on Avon to accompany this Shakespearian comedy. –

8. Moving from the BARD, THY ACRID sense of humour possibly comes to the fore in sending what you consider to be a funny one of these. –

9. Both hungry and thirsty he ate thE POTATo and eagerly waited for a drink from this –

10. In prison perhaps the LIFER PACEs  himself doing his sentence and with good behaviour might even earn the privilege of warming himself in front of this. –

11. When doing this quiz, with a certain amount of IRONY I’D ACT with common sense and use this to find the answers. –

12. Would supporters of this club find that their FAN STORE MIGHT NOT stock all they need?

13. In this film, which inspired a later movie; HE AMUSES VAIN TERrorist leader with his promise to protect farmers. -

14. While in this sitcom his do it yourself skills left a lot to be desired, perhaps In ROME ‘ED SAVE MOST HOME improvements for others to do! –

15. She was first up therefore did not experience the unCARING ARENA OF THE Obese king that two of those who followed experienced! –

16. Maybe the real reason was marmalade clogging things up, but he allegeD BAD RINGTONE APp was why he was unable to hear his mobile ring. –

17. This historic building in Suffolk, must have received in the past an OLD FORECAST Regarding the weather especially in times of siege. –

18.  When it comes to people who amuse me I CANNOT IN fact mention anyone who is more skilful at their art than this ventriloquist. –