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Quiz 30 – It’s a Puzzle to me

All the questions relate to TV quiz programs or panel games, some you may have forgotten, others you may wish you had!

Section 1, the 1950’s

1. Hughie Green hosted without any hitch.  

2. From a selection you have to select the correct tool to break up tarmac.

Section 2, the 1960’S

3. Mum, dad and the kids are on the receiving end of the questions in this quiz.

4. A panel game of true and false definitions.

Section 3, the 1970’s

5. In one episode of this quiz, a long stick mike was bent by Kenny Everett.

6. Isla St Clair was a co-host of this family centred quiz.

7. Bargains all the way as the prices are as low as this just once in a 100 years.

Section 4, the 1980’s

8. Daft clues, a receptacle for rubbish and a neat hand move by the host can only mean one thing.

9. Two against one was never fair to me, but it did allow Johnny No Mates to compete.

10. The odds are against you, especially if you get the first two questions wrong.

11. A board game of the same name bore no resemblance of this TV quiz, which is still on.

Section 5, the 1990’s

12. Several three cornered football matches perhaps?  

13. Despite the name it does not mean a clean shop when the programme is over.

14. A question, a cough, a scandal.

Section 6, 2000 onwards

15. Do you need running shoes to be a contestant on this quiz?  

16. What links, what’s next and a wall all feature is this fiendish quiz.

17. OXO may have been first, but inside this one; cash was there to be won.

18. On the edge a fall leads to golden success.  

19. Like a useless pencil.  

20. Where the chain fails.

Quiz 29 – Words or phrases containing a double ‘P’ - ANSWERS

1. A type of bed eaten on Thanksgiving day - APPLE PIE

2. In the past an officer in attendance at a court to execute orders - APPARITOR

3. Your double is yours even if you’ve never met - DOPPLEGANGER

4. A food or vitamin that helps a natural deficiency - SUPPLEMENT

5. A large woodland in Essex - EPPING FOREST

6. In sea mammals a limb that has adapted to aid swimming - FLIPPER

7. A herring that’s a bit browned off - KIPPER

8. A ghost or phantom - APPARITION

9. A metallic element that together with zinc produces brass - COPPER

10. The old name for a Roller Coaster - BIG DIPPER

11. A common spice and condiment - PEPPER

12. Snoop dog for instance? - RAPPER

13. Derogatory name for a woman of loose morels - SLAPPER

14. A private in the Royal Engineers - SAPPER

15. It hits the bell to make it ring - CLAPPER

16. A breed of dog similar to a greyhound - WHIPPET

17. A popular childs bicycle of the seventies - CHOPPER

18. An insect that chirps by rubbing its wing coverings together - GRASS HOPPER

19. A fish common off the east coast of America - RED SNAPPER

20. The name of an early sanitation engineer which seemed very appropriate! - THOMAS CRAPPER