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Quiz 33 – Answering Back

Each clue leads to an answer that can be found in the question, but in reverse; for example ‘This monster is never good and will scare even the bravest person’ gives the answer  OGRE which can be found reversed (ERGO) using the end of never and the start of good.   

1. If wet wipes included this material it would be best not to flush them down the loo without checking if it was safe to do so.

2. In the game of snooker, for a particular shot serious thought must be given as to whether it is advisable to use this piece of equipment.

3. Is this piece of head wear made from alpaca wool, I think not.

4. Apparently in this predominately lower case scripted clue, the collective noun for a group of sailors can be found.

5. Although his sculptures were very large, room to house these works by Henry was deemed essential by lovers of modern art.

6. Although this  form of popular music may lack corporate appeal, it has provided some imaginative pieces of work and has had an influence on many people.  

7. Do visitors to this European city, which is also the name given to a version of The Bible have negative thoughts after their visit? I doubt it.  

8. This edible crustacean has a taste better than any others bar crayfish perhaps, which to the connoisseur are just the tops.  

9. These particular visitor attractions ooze class, although some people disagree with the whole concept of having them.  

10. This iconic fighter plane has endeared itself to a nation and to those who flew it. I wonder  what the odds would number if tipsters ran a book on its popularity.  

11. This question contains no risks, but it does include a metallic element the symbol of which does not contain a single letter from its common name.  

12. This horse drawn vehicle, once used on the farm was great for those distances less than two thousand yards, but today it would be of little use and cause traffic hold ups.  

13. I have no idea about space and if I had not written this question would not know that this was one of the satellites of Saturn.  

14. Is this fish just what the doctor ordered? Unfortunately not as it does not contain omega oils.  

15. Regarding British rivers, did you know that the Thames is, in Oxford known by a different name?  

16. Although close to the United States of America, in this country you couldn’t pay for anything with a buck.

17. Living next door to someone learning to capture rhythm by constant practice on a set of these is murder.  

18. This insect which ruins many a picnic, crawling into cups, awful as it can sting the drinker.  

19. One of pubs traditional games the world championships of what has become a sport with an international following attracts thousands of fans.

20. For those who enjoy the spiciest of Indian food, this alas a medium curry and might not be to your taste.

Quiz 32 - Spoonerisms ANSWERS

There are two parts and two answers to every question.  Each answer is either two words or one word of two syllables.  Once you have solved one of the clues, swap the first letters of each word or syllable with each other to give the second answer. In most cases the answer to the first part of the question is nonsensical.  In the example below the C and V are swapped from Cine Vulture to give the second answer of Vineculture. In one case ‘sh’ because of the sound the combination makes counts as one letter

Q.  A carrion eating bird that likes film/the business of growing grapes and producing wine

A.  Cine vulture/Vineculture

1. Traditional headwear for the working man/an entrance for a feline - Flat cap/Cat flap

2. U2 perhaps sink in the middle/a temporary solution to flooding - Band sag/Sand bag

3. An unlit toilet/a breed of canine that typifies the British - Dull bog/Bull dog

4. Shakespeare with an inferior journalist/a book with slid covers - Bard hack/Hardback

5. A small round mark on a pig/a sausage in a roll - Dot hog/Hot dog

6. Really like a law-breaker/a wrestler from the past - Dig baddy/Big Daddy

7. Disastrous, awful weather making vision difficult/an andiron - Dire fog/Fire dog

8. Don’t have a toilet/an accumulation of tasks to be done - Lack bog/backlog

9. An eating utensil made from thread like metal/when lit it gives a display in November

 - Wire fork/firework

10. Cake eating farm animal/a small warship - Bun goat/gunboat

11. Could this be used to lift up The Beatles?/a reference volume or instruction manual –

                      Band hook/handbook

12. In this state is all your history misplaced?/a bugle call played at sunset - Past lost/Last post

13. Once owned some stuff/character from Alice in Wonderland - Had matter/Mad Hatter

14. A type of tree is close/January the first - Yew near/new year

15. Miss Ayres perhaps showing anger/dash about violently perhaps causing damage - Pam rage/rampage

16. Low grade newspaper with a glistening brightness/tanned shark skin - Rag sheen/Shagreen

17. Writing on Mr. Sellers perhaps/you put coins in this so can leave your car kerbside in a road -

Marking Peter/Parking Meter

18. A small nail to hold a piece of wood on the wickets/a long queue of cars - Bail tack/Tailback

19. Lease out a magicians stick/a marshy tract - Let wand/Wetland

20. A long handled cleaning implement using a very fine thread/a feeble man - Silk mop/Milksop